Eyewear - complex geometry - Is Rhino capable?

Eyewear does not contain straight lines and the surfaces are quite complex. I have worked at keeping the surfaces clean, points down to a minimum, can do better I am sure, but have really gotten stopped and haven’t found a tutorial that goes into surfaces like these…
Trying to add a variable radius blend is exploding at the seams. I have gone back in and rebuilt many surfaces to clean things up but have exhausted trying to make it work.
Trying to manually build in the radii by trimming seems like an impossible task with naked edges galore, tight corners…

Sorry for the delayed reply. I suspect the “crickets” response was a byproduct of not posting a file or giving rather vague feedback. It’s often best to post a file showing where you are stuck.

Hopefully, you haven’t gotten so frustrated with Rhino you’ve run the other direction. That may happen, but - in the meantime - check out Kyle’s Modeling Sunglasses in Rhino for Mac video.

Thanks for the response. I think the tough part is not knowing what’s possible, best approach to complex surfaces etc. I think I ended up doing a 2 rail sweep in segmented sections all the way through… but I finished the model and am making good progress with the program.

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