Extrusion of a hull stiffener

Good morning,
I am looking for a method to extrude a stiffener along a curve on the hull. To do so, I can use the function “extrudesurfaceoncurve”, however the stiffener must remain perpendicular to the hull but I cannot do it. Does anyone know the method to follow?
Thanks in advance

The Fin command might help.
HTH, Jakob

Can you make a small drawing of what you want it to look like.—-Mark

Maybe this will help to understand the situation : I would like that the curve representing the stiffener to folow the blue surface that also rotate on itself.

Ah, makes better sense. I’d probably use FlowAlongSrf. Extrude the curve and use a copy of the larger top surface as the base surface and then the blue surface as the target surface (with stretch=yes). Post the curve and the blue surface if needed :slight_smile:

Another method uses Sweep2.

Start with the curve on the surface and the section shape at one end of the curve. The sections shape needs to be oriented to the surface at that location as desired.

OffsetNormal the curve on the hull. The amount of offset is not critical but close to the section height is good.

Sweep2 the section using the curve on the hull and offset curve as the rails.