Extrude Curve

hope you guys are doing great.

I am trying to find a way to extrude a curve on a rail and - the tricky part for me - to also follow a surface.

I have screenshots of what Im tyring to do and the results Im getting

If anyone could help me please.


Dear @Dimitris
what is the physical equivalent you re trying to do?
glueing some rubber-profile on a surface ?

_extractIsoCurve (two curves)
maybe alternative:
_offestCrvOnSrf (the edge to get a second curve)

_sweep2 (the former isoCurves / offestCrv will become rails)
(you have to play with the options)

(build a straight, extruded Profile and “map” it to parts of the target surface)

it depends a bit on the constraints of precision, usage of data (production, visualisation) … and the way the “base” surface is build.

post your file or some equivalent that shows the problem.

kind regards

Hi Tom,
thanks so much!

_extractIsoCurve is what was missing to give a second guide on the surface.
Now it works pretty well.

Owe you one :wink: