Extruding SubD Edges in Rhino 7 WIP

Hey everybody,

Long time Rhino user but a first time poster. I’ve been modeling furniture for awhile and was really excited to learn about the SubD features available in Rhino 7. One thing I’m having trouble with, and it might not be implemented yet, is the ability to extrude faces from edges. This is really useful for making seams, an example of this can be seen in 3DSMax in the following video:

Is this possible in Rhino? The extrude subD command currently only seems to let me select faces instead of edges or edge loops. Thanks for your help.

Right now, the best way I can see to do something like this is to insert a rinfg of edges above and below the seam edges, and then scale the seam inward, and Crease it. There may well be a better way, but that is what I see so far.


click and edge (or face) , then shift+ double click an adjacent edge, that will select an edge or face loop. if the edge is open you can extrude that edge- if it’s closed you can alt+drag the selected edge and create a copy of the edgecurve and pipe or make a new subd part from the copy.

Can you explain a bit further? I can select an edge loop, but can’t extrude it. The command only allows me to select faces.


right, you can only extrude open edges. but you can extrude faces…so in your case grab a loop of faces then extrude them in… then scale them in the z using gumball.
then grab the adjacent edge loops and scale them together in the z using gumball.
then grab the next adjacent edge loops and scale them together in the z using gumball.