Confusion on which cmd to use to create surface for sole of heel

Hi folks,

I’m trying to model a high heel and I have a curve created using Curve from 2 Views. Now I’m at the point where I want to extrude a surface to make the sole, but I’m trying to have some design lines, not just a straight, rigid extrusions. I created two cross-section curves, and you’ll see that the one at the toe is smaller–the sole should taper down. Img 1. I’ve been looking through the docs and it seems that a sweep could be used here, but instead of two rails I think what I’m trying to do is provide two cross-sections and ONE rail. Interestingly, sweep with one rail makes an odd shape (see img 2)

Another thing I tried is to duplicate the curve and then use the orient cmd with scale 3D to get a curve for the top of the sole. From there I was able to use the cross-sections as cutting items to split the curves and then create surfaces using Edge curves, which gave me the result that I’m looking for–Img 3! But, I always am trying to learn more and optimize my work flow and so I’m trying to understand if there’s a “best” or better way of doing this?

BaseWhite.3dm (4.1 MB)

I believe the “add slash” option on your Sweep1 will yield better results. You may need to refine the rail curve you are using to make your Sweep by removing unnecessary control points.

Hello - it is hard to say what might be best, without the file to look at and some idea what the desired shape is…


Thank you @xerim I will look into that option!
Great point @pascal , edited above to include the file!
You can see how in the side image there is the outsole and then the sole, I’m not doing two separate surfaces, just one, but am wanting to mimic the angle indention in the polysurface of the sole.
Also I wore these on a rainy day and then wanted to do some Rhino-I didn’t wipe them off before taking the photos don’t judge me ha I swear my heels are usually cleaner than this…

Hello - the Roadlike option in Sweep1 will clean up that sweep - the path curve is a little messy right at the seam as well- I’d make that better:


SimplifyCrv, then Explode, and delete the little bit near the seam:

Then Match the far end for Tangency to the nearer (in the image) end and Joint it all up again.


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