Extruding by value 0.01 doesn't work for me

when trying to extrude a curve by a value of 0.01 rhino corrects the value to 1. when entering a higher value (e.g. 0.015) extruding works. anyone else having this issue?

Thanks for the report… I reproduced it here and filed it as http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MR-1075

This is intentional. You must extrude by a distance greater than the file tolerance. We should give some sort of feedback indicating the reason for rejecting the value.

Thanks @chuck , I thought that might be involved after answering a similar question this morning about a self intersections warning. The default template appears to be large objects Centimeters with a unit tolerance of .01 which is why I saw it too. I’ll change the bug to ask if the default can be small objects MM as in Windows Rhino.