Problem curves rhino 6

A friend at work is working on a pc and has these problematic curves. They join in to a closed curved but when you extrude them it says there are self intersecting curves. They extrude as surfaces but if you join them they go weird . I polylined over the top and got the same results. Attached is the 3dm, system info and a screen grab. Im working on a Mac and when she gave me her file it happened on my machine as well.
I had her open a new project and redraw it from scratch and its working fine.
Any ideas what has caused this ?



PROBLEM CURVES .3dm (10.1 MB) SYSTEM INFO.pdf (29.2 KB)

This is your problem:


You units are inches and what you are saying here is that anything smaller than one inch should be ignored… Some of the sides are smaller than that (0.4 inches), so for Rhino two parallel sides of your angles are less than tolerance value apart, thus considered intersecting within tolerance. That’s why the self-intersect warning happens.

Set the tolerances to something more reasonable like 0.01 and all will be fine.

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that’s sorted it !