Extrude along path? Need correct command

simple nube question:
Trying to model a piece of bent wire.
Have path curve and the sphere or curve profile that I want to extrude…ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv works until it rounds the first bend then distorts.
Extrude along single rail no work either.

Hello - Sweep1 or Pipe should do it.


for Pipe, I define the dia. at each end of the pipe curve, press return and pipe fails.

@mristau Are you using Rhino V5 or Rhino V6?

Thanks! Rhino5

Hello - your dropbox file seems to have gone missing - can you attach it to a post here?



“Extrude” commands keep the orientation of the profile curve to the CPlane. Based on your description I don’t that that’s the right tool.

“Sweep” commands rotate the profile curve along the rail which makes more sense for your bent wire.

Try starting each of those commands and press F1 to see the little video snippets.

@mristau The problem appears to be caused by the structure of you curves. I exploded a curve and found the straight segment at one end is a degree 3 curve with 2 control points at each end. If I use RemoveControlPoint to remove 1 control point at each end and the Join the segments together then Pipe works. An alternative is to delete the degree 3 straight segment on the end and replace it with a Line, then Join the segments together and use Pipe.