Extruding a hex grid from a freeform surface

Hi to everyone,

I try to extrude my hexagonal grid from a curved surface.
I remap the points and then define the normal vectors to use for the extrusion. However, If I consider the center of the hexagons I obtain the wrong result.

I think I should use the segments of the hexagons to define my vectors but I didn’t find a way, can you help me? I make mistakes in the remapping of those points I guess.

Here the file

Hexa Grid - extrusion along vector.gh (14.5 KB)

Thank you very much

I don’t use Lunchbox and your script is missing the input surface. Next time make sure to internalize the relevant geometry by right clicking the component (internalize data)…

Assuming the hexagon cell component has a point output, you can use a surface closest point component to retrieve the uv coordinates required for the evaluate surface component:

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If you want use vectors use surface closest point, and if you want avoid intersection between extrusions use offset surface and a second hexagon cell grid.

Hexa Grid - extrusion along vector.gh (13.3 KB)


Thank you martin, I updated the file with the internalized surface.
With surface closest point It’s really simple, thanks.

Amazing thank you a lot!