Extruding a complicated pattern in a curved panel

I try to create a model of a curved panel which has a complicated pattern cut out of the panel. Like a laser cut flat panel that is curved afterwards. When all the outlines are in plane, there is no problem. I simply extrude the outlines on the desired length and I get a solid with the cut out forms.

To flow the outlines in the desired curve of the panel including the pattern is also no problem. The problem starts with the extrusion. What works for a flat panel does not work for a curved panel. The extrusion does not create a solid but only the lines are extruded. I tried to extrude the curved panel first. (no problem) Consequently shape the outline pattern in the same curve (no problem). Extrude this curve pattern a little bit higher that the thickness of the extruded panel. And then put this in the extruded panel, sticking out on the front and back surface. Then I give the split comment. This also works fine, but the pattern does not show like cut out of the solid panel, but as cut outs of a hollow panel. The shapes have no ‘thickness’.

Does anybody knows a solution to get want I want?

Many thanks, Edo

you can extrude to the height you need first and then flow the solid panel along your curve. that should work the fastest without problems i guess. flowing curves also create still rebuilt curves, not so in the wip version (optionally) as i heard recently. but if you need that order of first flowing and then extruding why ever, you may have to rebuild the curves manually before you extrude.