Making a solid from a pattern

I may be missing something, but… I’ve used the extrude planar curve a lot to make solids from 2D things. But now I have a 2D pattern that has holes in it. a-solid-question.3dm (44.4 KB)
How is the best way to go about making this 2D pattern into a solid 1" thick? I tried the simplistic approach and the result looked weird. It is an aluminum panel that will go into a gate.

Hi @Joe4,

A couple of your edges don’t join the rest properly which is probably why you are not getting the result you expect.

The red ones here:

When that is sorted you can select all your curves and extrude by 1" into a solid and you will get your perforated plate:


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Thanks. Like I said I was probably missing something. You found it.