Extruded Solid from curve has unwanted lines on surface. Causing problems with sheet metal fabrication

I am using rhino to make flat laser cut sheet metal parts. For that I need a .dxf or .dwg for the lasers CAM software. The problem I have is that Rhino is making extra lines in my solids.

I started with a closed curved -> Solid- Extrude Planar Curve - Straight.

I tried:

Command: MergeAllFaces
Merged 0 polysurfaces. 1 polysurface could not be merged further.

Of course I can manually delete the curves in the .dxf but I want to remove the burden and chance for human error.

Hello - these are isocurves and should make no difference - the input curves for this object are probably all you need for the laser cutter. You can turn off isocurve display in the object’s Properties.


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Thank you Pascal!

This really helped, that was exactly the problem. When I disabled the Isocurves they no longer exported with the .dxf or .dwg.

This was very helpful!