Extruded hexagon panels on surface with different scaled openings

Hi, I’m currently referring to this Extruded Planar Hexagon Pattern on Surface link to create extruded planar hexagon panels on my surface however running into a few problems with the script. I’m having a hard time reaching the resolution as seen in the image. I am able to create the hexagonal grid on the surface however I’m running into trouble after the kangaroo process. pavilion 003 with hexagons.gh (34.3 KB)


Is it possible to scale the openings like this onto my surface using a point attractor or curve attractor etc? Cheers

Hi @Chugreinhardt,

It should be pretty simple to achieve this, if your hexagonal cells are structured as such, meaning as closed cell boundaries (e.g. polylines) in a flat list, tree branches cell points in a tree, or in a similar fashion, allowing you to select each cell individually going forward!
You can for instance measure the distance between your attractor point and each cell center point. Each distance can then be remapped from the source domain - formed by the minimum and maximum distances from all measured distances - to your desired scale domain (e.g. 0.10 to 0.75).
If you have been careful with your data structuring towards the script so far, you may now be able to simply scale each cell with its corresponding, remapped scale value.
In order to introduce some flexibility, you can add a graph mapper in between the distance values and the remap component. This allows you alter your results quickly with various graphs (e.g. bezier, parabola, etc.).