ExtrudeCrvTapered method on roof creation

I am attempting to use the ExtrudeCrvTapered utility to make a roof.
It works to a point, but at a certain extrusion distance, it fails completely.

This video shows the process using Autocad (grumble).

Is there a similar process using Rhino?

Ok there. Don’t everyone answer at once.
Ok, Cricket there in the back corner, chirping up a storm… What the answer?

Hello - can you post your file with some indication of the desired result?


Thanks for the response Pascal.
Here is an image and a file to illustrate what I am after.

roof sample file.3dm (141.7 KB)

Hi - If you’re allowed to use Grasshopper and plug-ins, I would just use this one:

You’ll have to de-compose your initial outline into two rectangles and then just merge the results:

(ExtrudeCrvTapered seems to be a sure way to crash Rhino when trying to do the same - I’ll have to get that on the list)

I am pretty new to Rhino. Loving it so far.
Looks like I need to dig into Grasshopper.
Thank you Wim!!

RH-60741 is fixed in the latest BETA

Very good news!