Fix ExtrudeCrvTapered

I want to make a request for the output of extrudecrvtapered to be improved. A better result can almost instantly be achieved, after running the command, duplicating the edge of the result, and performing a sweep2 with the original curve to be tapered as a second rail. Using just a straight cross section, refitting rails so as to not get polysurfaces where surfaces may be sufficient at breakpoints and so on.

Is there a you track or anything that I can add a vote to? Just to try and do away with the triangular surfaces that you get as standard with this tool at break points.

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Yep, it is messy - FitSrf on the result is also often a possibility if the result is a single surface. I do not see a bug track item about this, though I’ve moaned and groaned more than once. I’ll make one.

Another useful workaround is, because the density increases with distance for a given angle, is to extrude a very very short distance (this has the extra advantage that the result will be less apt to split up into a polysurface) and then ExtendSrf to get the full depth.

Another good workaround, for now:

DupEdge the top of the extrusion, Rebuild the result using the Master Curve option > Select the extrusion input as the master, then Loft the original input and the rebuilt edge.



Thanks Pascal! Yeah it’s always seemed odd that it produces those bad 3 sided surfaces when Rhino is so capable of better.

Could something be prototyped soon?

Hem, well, as long as you go with ‘prototype’… Here’s a first cut - currently it filters out closed curves - it can handle closed smooth curves but not polycurves with kinks so for the moment, only open curves, to see if it does anything useful. The result is a ‘loose’ tapered object i.e. with the same structure as the input curve. Baby steps, I will add this to the bug tracker for a proper developer to work on for real. (9.4 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

Guaranteed somewhat tested.