Converting Extrusion into Surface / Rhino 8

Im new to Grasshopper/Rhino 8, so please be light on me.

I wanted to create a simple structure with openings using the Voronoi tool.
Everything has worked so far but I couldn´t figure out how to add the created Geometry (Facade with Voronoi openings) onto the Surface of the extruded Geometry (using the Surface Morph tool).
Its been showing the Error Notification “Data conversation failed from Extrusion to Surface”.

Thank you already for your help!

Just like the error message says, you can’t convert the extrusion in your file to a single surface. It is a brep (PolySurface) consisting of 4 faces.

You can cast the extrusion to a brep then use the Deconstruct Brep component to get the individual faces (untrimmed surfaces) for use with the surface morph tool.



Thank you very much Kevin!

It still fails to morph the voronoi structure onto the Geometry I chose.
It somehow only morphs the structure onto one side of the body instead of covering the whole surface.

Do you know why that happens?