Extrude surface along curve with determined distance

Hello. I want to extrude the selected surface along the curve on top of it, but with determined length/distance. I’m not really familiar with rhino commands, but so far, I’ve tried extrudesrfalongcrv, which directly creates a massing solid, so it’s a no. Then, I’ve tried MeshOutline for the selected surface to try for a subD where I intend to make it flow along the curve, but instead the mesh got deformed. Are there other commands that I can use? Thanks in advance.
Edit: oh and I’ve also tried offsetsurf, which has results identical to extrudesrf, creating a pointed corner and they don’t follow along curve either.

Extruded surfaces will always create solids.

If you want to extrude the surface along a portion of the path curve, there is a “SubCurve” option in the command line to use just part of the path curve.

Ah I can combine the created path with extrudesrfalongcrv, this works quite well. Thank you!