Extrude srf tapered failed

It should also fix this extrusion tapered. Rhino 5 does not work; Rhino will hopefully be settled in 6!
Extrude srf tapered incorrect.3dm (426.9 KB)


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Hi Davide - I need more details… how far are you extruding? At what angle? Why is the file tolerance .05? That is pretty large.


That is the result! extrusion of 2.5, angle of 10 degrees. (While using the command rhino 5 (last SR 12) tends to not respond for several seconds, as if one were to stop).

You try to run it, to me is always incorrect for any parameter.

Rhino does not respond and it’s difficult to preview, edit or command parameters during its execution.

Yeah, I see, thanks - extruding outward at 10 looks like there is a reasonable solution and Rhino it not getting it. Less distance or less angle does work. As far as I can see it is the outer curve that causes the problem. If I change where the curve seam is, it works… still digging.


Extrude srf tapered incorrect_PG.3dm (3.0 MB)


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@pascal I tried to report a problem with ExtrudeCrvTapered in April 2014. ExtrudeCrvTapered - bad result Unfortunately a long and confusion discussion ensued and I think McNeel ignored my report. I don’t know if it is related to the problem in this post, but perhaps an indepth look at both ExtrudeCrvTapered and ExtrudedSrfTapered is in order. There may be a problem in the basic algorithm used.

Hi David - I’ve seen that problem a number of times as well - I just did not connect it, previously, to the location of the curve seams, which, if I am not imagining it, may give us something to work with to fix this.