Extrude Points?


Is there any way to extrude points to create lines?

I have sets of hundreds of coplanar points that I would like to create lines radiating from in the same direction.

(Lando Schumpich) #2

If you are familiar with grasshopper there is a component that does exactly what you want:

‘Line SDL’ asks for a point, a direction vector and the desired linelength and generates lines from that.



Someone wrote a script to do this… I think @vittorio? or maybe @clement?


Try the attached Python Script.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
def estrudi_punti():

rs.Command("_line")    #draw the line you want
print "ps"+str(ps)
points=rs.GetObjects("Select points",1)
print points
for point in points:




@bigjimslade, here is another one: ExtrudePoints.py (1.3 KB)


btw @all, i totaly forgot this, in V6 you can extrude points into lines by using the gumball.


(Pascal Golay) #7

heh heh - yeah, I was holding that back so as not to stress mac users with things they can’t have! (yet, of course)



Oh, are there more goodies hidden under the hood for that reason we don’t know yet ?

You can tell us everything, we keep it a secret :crossed_fingers:


(Pascal Golay) #9

Well, you know how Rhino 6 for Windows lets you know when it’s 10 minutes to 5 and pours you a drink? Rhino Mac does not have that yet but I didn’t want anyone to feel bad.



Thanks all for the help. I’ll try these scripts out.

I have people anxiously waiting for me to draw some plans which has me waiting for the new Make2d which has me waiting for V6.