Extrude a surface along a curve, how to draw this curve?

Hello guys,

I have continued my Rhino studies and now I’m face a new problem.
I need to extrude a surface along a curve, but I couldn’t draw a curve exactly like this:

I wanna make this edge for the sides.
May someone help me?

My model is attached. Please, give me tips and opnions.

PSV formaFinalKelvin.3dm (5.4 MB)

Hi Kelvin - I’m not sure I follow, yet, but, try this:
DupBorder on the plane to make a rectangle
Start Sweep2 using the hill edges as rails and the rectangle as the cross section curve.
Use ‘Maintain height’ in the Sweep2 dialog.

Does that do what you wanted?


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Hello Pascal, thank you for the help.
I was need a function that gave me a curve from a edge. I found that function, It is called “extractisocurve”, It is exactly what I’ve nesses.

Hi Kelvin - use DupEdge for this. The edge is not always an isocurve.