Extrude curve for tubular shape issue

Hi, i would like to extrude this shape to have like a tube with differents angle. but when i use Extrudecrvalongcrv, i have plate end. i tried with Sweep2 but i can get what i want. is there an option or an other way to just extrude a cercle along a 3d curve shape ?


What shape, what angle? Have you tried the Pipe command or Sweep1? Post your 3dm file with a clear description of what you are looking for. Also, take a look at this guide to asking questions in a way that people can easily understand/answer.
HTH, Jakob

Hi Jakob, thanks for answer.

would like to extrude a circle profile of 2cm along this curve to create a tubular chair back

CVE.3dm (154.9 KB)

Hi @emile_francois
Have you tried just using the Pipe command? That should do exactly what you are asking for? Start by joining all the curve segments, run Pipe and follow the command prompt :slight_smile:

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By the way, @emile_francois - Just FYI, your units are set to meters, not centimeters, making it a pretty big chair :wink:

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thanks Jakob

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Hi Emile - this command does not change the orientation of the curve along the path - for what you want here, for arbitrary shapes (apart from Pipe, for circles, , I mean) Sweep1 is the command to use.


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thanks all for your answers
i forget Pipe Command, it is the right one !