Curve that will not extrude

I created a curve that will not extrude planar to form a solid. I remade the curve to be certain that I did not make any mistakes, and it still will not extrude. Please take a look and tell me why it will not extrude.Problem Curve.3dm (27.1 KB)

The curve is open, not closed. For a curve to extrude and become a solid it must be a closed, planar curve.

Methods to determine if a curve is open or closed:

What command and select the curve. What will report if the curve is open or closed.

CrvSeam command. If the curve is not closed it will not be selectable for the CrvSeam command.

CrvStart and CrvEnd commands. Run both commands. If the closed the curve end and start points will exactly coincide. These commands are also useful for finding the reason a curve is open and not closed.

Additionally, if there are lots of curves, a quick way to find the open or closed ones is to use SelOpenCrv and SelClosedCrv.

Don’t forget about ShowEnds, y’all. The ShowEdges for curves command…


Help needs to be updated with ShowEnds is listed under “See also” in the sections for CrvStart, CrvEnd and CrvSeam

I added CrvStart, CrvEnd, and CrvSeam to the see also section of the ShowEnds topic.
ShowEnds is also added to CrvStart, CrvEnd, and CrvSeam topics.


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