Extrude commands - option needed

ExtrudeCrv, ExtrudeCrfTapered, ExtrudeSrf and ExtrudeSrfTapered need an option to force the extrusion to be normal to the construction plane of the active viewport even if the curve or surface being extruded is planar and tilted.

Most of the curves and surfaces I extrude are either not planar, or planar and parallel to a construction plane. So I’m used to them extruding normal to the construction plane. They extrude normal to the construction plane. If the extrusion needs to be in a different direction I create a line in the desired direction and use ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv.

But occasionally a curve to be extruded is planar but tilted. Then it extrudes normal to the plane the curve lies in. Then I have to back up, create a line parallel to the appropriate axis and use ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv. That is annoying.

Hi David- the Direction option in Extrude* should help.