Files is over 1.1 gb

Hello, I am using a grasshopper code to create some perforations on the facade, I used the surfaces from sketchup for the exact location and sizes. After baking all the surfaces the file got so heavy and I don’t know why, I’m new to rhino and most of the things in the code are from tutorials and me exploring myself. I am trying to export the file to lumion or sketchup to be able to render but the files is just too huge and it doesn’t open in the softwares. That’s also just for one of the buildings and I still have 4 others. Is there a specific setting that makes the file smaller? I uploaded the grasshopper file in case there is something that can be done over grasshopper, and I uploaded a picture of the perforations that I did.

(The code is repeated a couple of times because I was doing multiple surfaces at once)
Final (102.3 KB)

Hello - do you absolutely need the holes to be modeled or will a texture map with alpha channel do?


If the texture works properly then I don’t mind, I just want to be done asap because it is for my graduation project and the submission is due soon. Are the holes making the file huge?

Hello - very possibly, - I do not have the file of course but trim curves add overhead and this has a lot of them, plus the render meshes will be dense.