ExtractPt - pointcloud option - create 1 cloud for all objs (please)

Occasionally I extract polyline points from a series of polyline contours to make a terrain mesh - using the polylines themselves instead of the points can hang Rhino for a long time. -ExtractPt has an option to create a point cloud with the extracted points, but it creates one point cloud for each selected object. I would like it to create one point cloud per command operation, i.e. one cloud for all the selected objects. Having a few hundred individual point clouds isn’t really useful in this case.

Hi @Helvetosaur
In python output of the PointCloud is a list of PointCloudItem but with a simple solution [ ] the points combined.
Maybe you can create a macro or a Grasshopper player script to do that

This also useful

Command: PointCloud
Select points ( Add  Remove  UsePointColors=Yes )
Select points ( Add  Remove  UsePointColors=Yes ): Add
Select points or point clouds to add

Hi Mitch -

Put on the list as RH-67664.

Yes, thank you, the request was for normal (non-scripter) Rhino users to be able to do this without a script.