ExtractPt - point cloud option...?

I thought I remembered there being an option to extract points from an object (say a mesh) as a pointcloud… However, I don’t see that. Please add it as a wish, would be handy with objects that have lots of points… Thanks, --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

You mean ExtractPt command with an option to make it a pointcloud?


Yep, exactly… Can be scripted, I know, but seems like it should be a reasonable option to add.

Edit: I submitted this as an enhancement request: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-38761

Also, as I am working with some terrain files at the moment, I created a couple of scripts that might be useful to someone… I shamelessly borrowed @clement 's script for clipping pointclouds with a brep (using parallel processing) and modified it to extract points from a pointcloud (first script) or a mesh (second script) letting the user choose a range of world Z values to keep. This because I occasionally need to extract only the below or above sea-level data points from a mesh or point cloud. Hitting Enter twice in the second script extracts the entire collection of mesh vertices as a point cloud as in my request above.

ClipPointCloudByZ.py (1.8 KB)

ExtractMeshPtsByZ.py (1.8 KB)


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Hi Mitch, for Pointclouds it is already in the WIP as part of the _PointCloud _Remove option:


@pascal, @Helvetosaur in the WIP, i do not get the points to “remove” from the pointcloud highlighted during the command, do you see this too ?


By Z-Level? --Mitch

Yep… --Mitch

Of course not, that would be too user specific :wink:


Hi Clement - yes, I see that as well.