Extracting Curves from Material Texture - B&W Logo


I am unwrapping a surface and applying a logo onto it within the UVEditor.
Since my material/texture is a black & white logo image, I was wondering if it was possible to extract the curves of the logo once its positioned onto the original surface? (See Attached Photos)
This way I can use those curves to create a surface geometry from the logo application.

***I can’t share the file itself since it contains a company file but the pictures should get the point across.

Hi @nolankim ,

There isn’t a way to create curves on the surface from the bitmap texture in the applied material. If the object is a mesh, you could use the Squish command > Draw curves on the flattened version and then use SquishBack to bring those curves back to the original 3D object. Squish is a different algorithm from what the UV editor does as well.

Personally, I would opt for drawing or projecting the curves on the surface or mesh directly using InterpCrvOnSrf or Sketch with the OnMesh option. You can always Rebuild these curves and then use Pull to bring them back to the surface if needed.

I hope that helps.