Extract Named Selection List,, How-Possible?

Hello Forum, I use the super useful NamedSelections often, is there a way to extract the list out as an excel or csv file ? tia :blush:

@Trav - is there anything for named selections in RhinoCommon? I do not see it yet…


Hi Pascal, slightly off the topic, is there a way to keep the NamedSelection window active when switching between 2 monitors, ie, I;m filling an excel table with data and when I switch to the other monitor the NS panel hides ?

Try testHideOnDeactivate set to No… does that do anytihng good?


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It is not in RhinoCommon yet but has an open YT for it.

that Sir is exactly what I was hoping for, a little sneaky command to keep it active, thanks bud :+1:t4:. Now hopefully your colleague @Trav may have some magic to simply extract that NS list :pray:t4:

hi Trav, this would be a useful addition, to be able to extract a list like NamedSelections would be great, hope to see it soon :blush: