Extract Column Axis/Column orientation

We can create columns from curves by AddColumn.ByCurve component.
Is there an opposite way? Extract axis from columns?

So far didn’t find a way to do it. I don’t mean any workarounds with extracting geometry, extracting faces, their centers and connecting them with a line.

If you connect it to a curve param it will be converted.


It is connected to Column topic so I will continue in this thread.

When placing for example families, we can specify their orientation because we have Plane input. There is no such thing if we place column so we can’t do it.



You can always adjust the ‘Cross-Section Rotation’ parameter.

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Hi Kike,
I see that you refer to Structural Columns. Element.Decompose used with Architectural Columns don’t reveal this constrain.

It is good that there is already a possibility but another thing is if this way to set it up is comfortable? I would prefer to use GH planes (just as with Components) because it is fairly easy to set them properly even along some complicated curves.

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