Column orientation


I’m trying to create 4 columns from curves (different heights) which I’d like to orientate towards the origin.

The creation is straight forward but I’m struggling to orientate them correctly.

I’ve created a vector from the origin to each column but I’m not sure how to apply those to each column’s ‘Cross-Section Rotation’ parameter?

Any help would be v. much appreciated.

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What is the end result you want to achieve? Could you share an image explaining that?

Hi @mucahitbgoker,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I’d like to orientate the columns towards a point (in the case it’s 0,0,0)

This is just a simple example to understand the workflow.

I will need this for a stadium project where all columns need to be set out this way.

Any idea?

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So you need to create a vector from column center point to origin and find it’s angle with x axis. And assign this angle value as the rotation parameter in Revit. Will show it when I get in front of computer.

hi @Quickly23 ,

As I mentioned above, below definition does what you want. finds the angle between the two vectors and set that as the Cross-Section Rotation value.

column (10.8 KB)



Thank you very much


is there a way to do this in revit api c#?