Extra mouse button that can be assigned to ctrl key function

does anyone know of a mouse that has an extra button that can be assigned to ctrl function? am having surgery on my left hand and will be in a cast making 2 key functions near impossible.

or has anyone come up with an alternate solution?

No idea, but not through Rhino.
If the mouse has software for assigning commands to buttons, that might work it the command is passed through to the running application.
If it worked, then Rhino would “hear” the button with what you assigned to it.
However, Ctrl isn’t really a “click”.
I’ve never seen a mouse with a button that worked like Shift/Ctrl/Alt but I suppose it’s worth a try.

Continuing the discussion from Fed up with my mouse:

these seem to be conflicting opinions? i am a pretty basic user so i could do with just a ctrl button on the mouse but can see that other common selections would also be nice.

alan, is one button mapped for just ctrl? if so, did you have to assign different applications when mapping? have been looking at logitech’s site but they don’t seem to say too much about what can and can’t be mapped.

Yes, you can affect keys like Ctrl to a button.
In my case, I just have to click a button on the virtual mouse to get a dialog box where I choose the key or combination of keys I want to affect to the button.
Here is my mapping:

This way I get basic keys as

	Tab	Alt
	Shift	Ctrl
	Esc	Del
	Home	End

but also
combined with keys defined in Rhino Options | Keyboard

Key				Command macro
		F5		'_ProjectOsnap _Toggle
Ctrl+		F5		_Trim
Ctrl+Shift+	F5		_Split
		Home		_Rotate
Shift+		Home		_Rotate3D
		End		_Move
Shift+		End		_SetPt
Ctrl+Shift+	O		'_Invert _Hide
Ctrl+Shift+	X		! _Mirror _XAxis

makes my life easier with Rhino !

many thanks, that looks to be just what i need.