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Some of our customers (which are Rhino users) and I, are using mouses with forward, backward, wheel tilt, button 4, and button 5.

Is there a way to map commands/functions of some kind to these buttons?

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Xavier Garcia

I still feel this is a little basic and might be causing a lag issue, but if you want you can try this out

Hi @claybratt, thanks for your reply.

It seems like the only way to do it is via macros… We will have to think of a workaround.

I strongly recommend to use Logitech G502 mouse, because it’s both, ergonomic and have multiple extra buttons that are perfect for assigning a wide variety of commands. The mouse has its own memory to save the settings, so it’s very convenient to use the mouse on any PC or laptop with exactly the same settings. “Logitech” has its own software which gives the user a total control over the functions of each button of the G502 mouse, as well as up to 5 switchable DPI settings (quite usable when you switch to another monitor or laptop with a different screen resolution). The mouse scroll wheel includes 3 buttons: one to press vertically and two more for left and right tilt. Here is a screenshot of my settings for Rhino:


Hi @Rhino_Bulgaria, thanks for your reply.

I personally use the G502 Hero mouse (and it’s amazing). The issue is that my customers use generic mouses which don’t have these amazing features. I was looking for a built-in solution inside Rhino, but thank you so much for your help!

A lot of people use X Mouse

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Yeah, I got that same problem when I was using basic mice many years ago. G502 totally changed the game. :slight_smile:

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What the heck sort of E-waste mice have extra buttons but no way of programming them? Would it not be advisable for them to buy something you use all the time like a mouse somewhere fancier than what in my country is called a dollar store? Even Walmart sells Logitech and Razer…

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Amazon’s first suggestion

From my understanding, most mice with button 4 and 5, if not remapped by a third party system tray application, default their behavior as described here. I think some mice can have macros saved into the mouse itself.

I think this support was added with the original IntelliMouse Explorer in 1999

Most browsers, file explorers, and a lot of other applitcations default to mapping them to forward and back.


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When I was much younger, I tried to take a short cut by using a cheap no-brand mouse. Then it broke and I replaced it with another of its kind. Then I started to feel pain in my wrist and I bought a different model. And another different model. And another… You get the idea. :slight_smile:
Trust me, this is a major part of the hardware and using a mouse that’s not good enough is the wrong way to work with Rhino. Especially when you consider that it’s the device that directly helps you gain your income. Investing in a precise, ergonomic and feature-rich mouse is essential. Both, for the workflow and the health of the wrist that operates with it. It took me years of buying countless number of cheap mice to learn to respect my time and effort. The funny thing is that when I think about it, I basically spent multiple times more money on sub-par mice in total, than I did for the quality ones. Not to mention all the convenience related to the latter. The old saying “Cheap can be expensive” exists for a reason. :slight_smile:

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