Command on additional mouse button

Whether it is possible to assign a command to the additional mouse button?
I would like to assign commands _Undo on this button
At the moment, these few extra buttons do not respond within the Rhino

If this is a logitech (or a similarly advanced mouse) then you can assign Ctrl-Z to it, and use that in any application. Default Windows drivers would not give you that option, so you need to install the propper drivers (as far as I know)

Driver installed on the mouse.
If I assign ctrl + Z to click, then it will work in all programs. I do not need.
It is only necessary inside the Rhino

Support for additional mouse buttons have in many programs and computer games. For example, throughout the known CounterStrike
I think that should be in the Rhino, it’s an advanced program.

In theory, Logitech does allow application specific settings. However, virtually all of the buttons are excluded from your choices, the only ones that work are left scroll and right scroll, ones I would never use anyway. Logitech just makes crappy drivers…


How do I know what causes click on this button inside the Rhino?
And assign it to a macros in Rhino