Make 2D question

So after executing the Make2d command, a very nice planar 2D version of the model is created in the top viewport – only it has 957 lines that are NOT joined. If you want to export to, for example, Illustrator, and you would like to apply various line thicknesses, it’s a logistical nightmare. The join command in Rhino joins the lines in a seemingly random fashion. Not helpful. Chaining the lines is no help either. Does anyone have any insight in how to have the computer do the busy work instead of me joining the 2D lines?

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CurveBoolean can help clean up - give that a try for closed regions at least. Notice the 3 delete input options…


Thanks, Pascal. But for many instances of make2D CurveBoolean is just not a viable option. I guess if Rhino can’t figure that a line should be continuous an a certain direction at an intersection, I just have to tell it manually like always.
It seems that make2D is not too important to most users, and I understand perfectly. But it’s the only thing I really use Rhino for and have since version 1 when it was included in a Boot magazine CD as a beta trial !!!

Hi MSavage- Make2d is getting a good deal of attention for V6, and cleaner output is certainly on the list.


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My biggest problem with Make2D is the creation of so many tiny unjoined curves-it makes a nice looking visual image but using osnaps to dimension is completely unreliable. So I end up duplicating the edges I want and projecting to a cplane, which is time consuming but at least reliable.
Besides this my wish list for Make2D would be to enable it to dimension a perspective view based on 3D model dims, not on the projected 2D image, so the information stored in the 3D model would have to be retained and referenced in the flattened image.

@GregArden, any comment on this?


Like Pascal said I am working on Make2d for a future version of Rhino. I am familiar with the kind of thing you describe. It would help if you could send me a model before make2d is run with the views and options for the make2d command demonstrating the problem. Send to I just want to be sure I’m concentrating on the right problems.
Greg Arden

If we’re making a wishlist for Make2D in V6, I’ve got a few things. I’ve mentioned before in the old forums, but a dialog that shows percent complete would be super helpful. That way you wouldn’t wait for a Make2D for 30 minutes just to give up on it 1 minute before it finishes.

Also, to get super fanciful, if there was a way to run Make2D’s as a background task, that would be amazing. I imagine that it would essentially export the selected objects and view to a temporary file that it would analyze and run the Make2D when the machine is idle and would allow you to keep working on the current file without having to wait.


VERY excited to hear make2d is going to get some more love in v6. Been a long time coming. For people like me who use Rhino to actually make real life things, its a fundamental tool. Fabrication and shop drawings are what its all about in the end for many of us.

one way I’ve dealt with this when I need to get more granular with line thickness and line types etc, is by checking the Maintain source layers box in make2d. This at least lets us organize our geometry via the layer stack, facilitating easier selection and editing. Depending on what is ultimately needed in the end, I can frequently get away with not having to join any lines at all before or in AI, as I’m just using them loosely, selecting and giving them a line-weight.
Not perfect I know but usually does the trick for me.

Here it is 3 YEARS LATER (828 days) and I still have to do the exact same fighting with make2D to produce design patent figures!
I’m aging and withering before your eyes McNeel!