Extend Srf: lines strange

Doing an extend srf on edge A why appear strange lines?
offset srf_ lines strange.3dm (160.2 KB)

That’s one freaky bug! :grin:
I have of course no idea what’s going on, but it looks funny!


Is a bug that ,I hope, will be corrected as soon as possible: very annoying!

I don’t understand what you’re looking at, it seems to work fine here… ??
(I don’t see anything strange with the extension)

Mitch, you generate so many random lines when you make the extension of certain surfaces. It also happens by extending a truncated sphere …

OK, now I see this when the extension is not created because of a collision/self intersect…


Mitch, look this post in the section “Rhino for Windows”: Wish: command “extendSrf”.

Got that, thanks.



RH-39832 is fixed in the latest WIP