Expression 2*π* x*y

i want to write the expression 2π x*y, but it doesn’t work…what i do wrong with syntax??

It’s a known issue when you are running GH in “Draw Full Names” mode
Change input variable name from Variable x --> x, Variable y --> y.


i will try it… thank you!!!

Hey Guys! I´d appreciate a lot if you can help me out in kind of the same issue:

Well, It may be a certain way to write expressions for functions in grasshopper, although it seems to be that I don’t know the correct way. I´ve been trying quite a lot of different ways to compose a function with “x” variable and “x and y” variables, but any time I finished the function into the component it turns up a warning, which is not actually shown in the expression designer window. So what should be the proper way to write expressions? or Does anyone know what is up here?

Below an example of it:

Many thanks again!

Kind regards :hugs:

1.Uncheck “Draw Full Names” As I mentioned above posting, please read the previous postings carefully.
2.Remove all double quotation marks.

Thanks a lot!