Exports and imports using Rhino Compute

(Alexander Schiftner) #1

I started to play with Rhino Compute, many thanks for making this possible!
One of the ideas that came up so far: It would be extremely useful to have the possibility to run exports and imports via Rhino Compute. Ideally this would work using all file formats supported by the importers and exporters included with Rhino. My goal is to implement GH components which allow to stream in/out data in various file formats. Looking forward to your feedback.


(Steve Baer) #2

Totally agree; I put some work into V7 to make this possible, but still have more to do in this area. My hope is that you will be able to read any file format that Rhino reads and write to any format and in general I think it will be possible.

I have logged this at

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