Import different extensions on GH through Rhino Compute

Hello there!
I am currently trying to import a different set of files into Rhino Compute through a custom C# component in Grasshopper but it seems like the plugins are not being enabled at run time.
When running directly on Rhino it seems to import just fine. Only on Compute that it doesn’t actually import anything.
For example, I installed the glTF-BinExported plugin but when trying to import .glb files through compute, it doesn’t fire up the plugin for the import to work, but through Rhino application it does work and the plugin is actually activated.
This is how I am importing through the Grasshopper C# component:

var Filepath = "/some/file/path.glb";
using( var doc = RhinoDoc.CreateHeadless(null)){

The natively supported extensions work just fine like 3dm.
Only the non-native are not working (obj, glb, max, stl, etc).
Am I missing something?

Could someone shed a light on this please?
Any documentation, any other threads to reference would be helpful.

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I posted under different tags for visibility.
I don’t have permission to delete my own posts here.
Sorry for that.

Do you perhaps know if anyone could shed some light in this?
If so, could you please tag them to let them know?

I am really considering paying for the Rhino Compute product but getting this to work is essential for me.

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