Exporting vector graphics in Rhino


I am trying to generate high resolution images to use in my journal paper. The journal prefers *.eps quality files. If not, they do accept *.tif images as well. I am able to generate all my figures using Matlab in EPS format and wish to do the same with my Rhino figures as well. The best thing about EPS is it is vector graphics, so when zoomed in in the final PDF file, the figure never gets pixelated.

I am wondering if there any way to export vector graphic for Rhino model renderings. I tried to export a PDF file with vector and rastor format, but it always exported a lines drawing, not the shaded or rendered drawing.

If you use print instead of export it will be shaded. But that will be raster, not vector.

Why would you need vector or tif for a journal paper?
Unless it needs to be printed at extreme qualit, but even then JPEG at high quality is just fine.
TIFF is great for image files that needs to be worked and saved a lot as it is lossless, but lossy formats at high quality is just as great for the final output.

For your need it sounds like -ViewCaptureToFile (With the “-” in front) should give you what you need. Then set the resolution to your liking and save as PNG. (Or Tiff, but check the size)

You can also alter the displaymode so you get thicker lines, as these are captured at pixle width, so high res migh result in very thin lines.

Keep in mind that PDF converts images to JPEG to keep the file size low. Unless it is saved for HighQuality Print and “Convert to JPEG” and “downscale to 300dpi” is turned off. But that is rare for all online publishing.

So what I say is: Use TIFF, PNG or even JPEG, capture at high resolution and you are good to go.

Good luck!

Rhino’s vector output doesn’t support vector fills or gradients so the shading info won’t be there if you use vector.

my suggestion about vector output would be;

“make2d” of the preferred angle at “current view”, after make2d finished export the 2d lines and open in an appropriate vector program (Adobe illustrator) then make a mesh gradient. lastly save as eps.

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Thank you all for your replies. I just needed to know if a shaded vector output is possible or not. A high resolution TIF file will do for my paper.