Exporting Rhino to Modo with camera information

For rendering purposes I try to export from Rhino to Modo (version 601) and would like to include the camera information (of a matched view)
I tried collada file format, but Modo wasn’t able to open it.
I thought about transferring the camera coordinates manually but Modo uses Location and Rotation data (for all 3 axis) instead of location and target data like Rhino does.

Anybody got ideas about how to tackle this?

Thanks, Norbert

Hi Norbert,

i am unshure if Modo allows to set camera values via scripting or by importing a rotation matrix, if this is the case you might try to generate a camera transform like this:

  • using the rhino camera location and target to built a first unitized vector
  • the camera up vector is the second required vector
  • the cross product between vector 1 and 2 is the third vector
  • from these 3 vectors, generate a (camera) plane
  • with XFormRotation using WorldPlane and the camera plane should give rotation values from the matrix

additionally it would be required to transfer lens length and viewport ratio for a matching view.

does that help ?


Can Modo read FBX files?
I think they contain camera information.

i guess so, but i´ve been exporting a MotionBuilder 7 file as ASCII file containing camera information and did not find the coordinates or values set up in a named view.


HI Norbert,

Here if you save your file as a native .3dm version 4, you can open/import it in Modo. Only pre-meshed objects will import (no nurbs), but your SavedViews will show up as cameras.

…checking on why I have to save as V4, maybe my plugin is outdated? and also checking if we need a plugin or this is standard Modo import.