3dsmax Cameras into Rhino/Bongo

Has anyone tried importing 3dsmax cameras into Rhino/Bongo before? I’ve been using a free plugin called RAT+ (http://en.wiki.mcneel.com/content/upload/files/RATplus_071118.zip ) to transfer 3dsmax cameras into Rhino. The problem is that the camera view direction becomes fixed in Rhino. It seems like there’s a problem incorporating the camera targets between the two software. Is there another method or way to directly import animated and still 3dsmax cameras into Rhino/Bongo?

Hi mengxyong,

I worte RAT+ toolset long time ago but till now I am using the MAX to Rhino camera exporter, and it works fine.
What do you mean by ‘direction becomes fixed’ ? Can you elaborate, or send a sample file?

Hi Jarek,
In 3dsmax, when you run the animation player you can see that the camera position and camera view direction are following a defined path (it’s working properly). The problem is when I run the script, you can actually see that the camera view direction no longer follows a path but becomes fixed to a point, but the actual camera position itself is still following the travel path. It does this in max and Rhino as soon as you select the camera to export from the script. In this example, I have a camera exported from a motion tracking software. The camera simulates the traveled path in the video I am using. I am uploading a zip file with the maxscript that contains the original camera, the 3dsmax file that shows the camera animated, the .rvb file RAT+ creates to export to Rhino and the Rhino file that shows the fixed camera view. I hope this can clarify things alittle.

CAM_Path.zip (99.2 KB)


It’s like all camera importer/exporter scripts have been deleted of the web lol, I would be incredibly grateful if you could point me in the direction of your plugin or any similar script/plugin !!

I am trying to align max and rhino camera views. Tried alignment via numerical input in the properties dialog box but there seems to be a focal point offset difference, something is not quite right.

Thanks in advance!

Ok so I found a link in one of your previous posts, it worked a treat with Rhino 5 and 3DS Max 2015, thank you very much indeed Jarek!

No problem, glad it worked for you. One trick to share: to ensure ‘perfect match’, I always make sure the screenshot/render aspect ratio is 3:2 (3600x2400 for example) both in Rhino and Max. Another piece of the puzzle is your screen resolution - Rhino will produce different outputs of the same resolution screenshot from different screen sizes (standard vs widescreen). So, not very convenient, but the above 3:2 perfect match formula works only if your screen is in standard resolution so I switch 1600 x 1200 for Rhino screenshots part if I need perfect match with 3dMax.



Hey Jarek,

I realize this is quite an old topic but thought I’d try to reach out - I’m looking for either the RAT+ toolset you wrote a long time ago or either the MAX to Rhino camera exporter, but can’t seem to find them anywhere as of now. Any chance you would be able to send me one or both?! :wink:


Hi @racheldao

Here is the package - it is quite old and not tested with Rhino 5 at all, but feel free to experiment.
What functionality are you looking for ?


RATplus_071118.zip (1.2 MB)

Hi Jarek!

Thanks so much for the quick response and files! Actually running Rhino 4 here right now so no problem. I’m looking to export a camera from 3dsmax into Rhino…I tried to do it manually but can’t get it to match up perfectly…

I see - if you need a perfect match of Rhino render and Max render, there are more factors than just camera/target positions and lens length, since Rhino output depends on your monitor resolution aspect ratio and your image ratio. The tested configuration that will work for sure (but is a bit crazy, I know) is: Make sure your screen resolution is set to 3:2 (like 1600x1200 or so) and your renderings/screenshots are done in 1.5:1 ratio (i.e. 3600x2400 pix, 3000x2000 pix. etc.). Then you should get a perfect overlay match, if that’s what you need, and not just general camera angle match.



@Jarek sorry for digging this but can you provide this script/plug or its source?

hi Przemek, i think this link still works: