BUG? One instance of a block is exported 6x to .csv

There is only one instance in whole model.

in CSV there are 6 copies:

Untitled.3dm (311.1 KB)
Untitled.csv (1008 Bytes)

Hello - there are six objects in the block and the export is describing them all but not, it seems, in the most usdeful way - there is a mishmash of information on the contents and the top level object… I’ll see if I can figure out what is expected there.


i thought as well it has something to do with objects inside of the block. but in my case the block is one window with certain parameters, objects inside are irrelevant. i understand that sometimes it could be useful to have all the hierarchy exported from within a block (or nested block). maybe a matter of an option how blocks are treated during export? blocks are not even mentioned in the option list and as far as i know they have been just recently supported to csv.