BUG: Export block container as DWG file


I am having trouble exporting a parent block containing a child block. The nested child block is not visible/present in the exported parent DWG.

Rhino file containing a block PARENT containing a CHILD Block together with various geometries.
Using the BlockManager , select the PARENT block, click Export. and used the scheme attached.
The result Parent.DWG does not contain the CHILD block.

Is the geometry/structure too complex ? Any ideas ?

BlockExportBug_Sample.zip (49.9 KB) attached containing the following:

  • Rhino .3dm file
  • AutoCAD export scheme
  • Exported DWG’s

OS: Win7 x64, Rhino5 SR8.

Hmm- here Child is included - at any rate Rhino sees it when opening the dwg file. I’ll attach my result.

PARENT2.dwg (25.1 KB)


How did you achieve that result ?
The workflow is to export blocks from BlockManager, Is there anyway to fix and use the same workflow ?

I exported Parent from BlockManager using the dwg scheme you provided… now, I used a somewhat newer build than the public SR9 one for V5.I’ll test that build as well.