Blocks created in Autocad don´t show in Rhino

Hi, I can copy/paste from a DWG to a 3dm file Autocad blocks or even, save those blocks from the DWG as a 3dm file, but after that If I try to copy/paste or insert those same blocks from the 3dm into another 3dm, they never show and blockmanager show the error: “no geometry found from block definition”.
Can someone bring some light into this?.

I basically need to be able to copy those autocad created blocks from one 3dm to another, and not just from the original DWG to a 3dm.


Hi @mfcorral,
This is not typical behavior. Rhino can import and export DWG files. It works better than opening an 3DM in AutoCAD, a lot of geometry seems to get skipped that way.

We will need to look at what type of geometry is in your DWG.
AutoCAD has an object called a proxy object. Without the add-on application that created it loaded in AutoCAD, it can not be visible or export to other file formats.

Can we get a file?
What version of AutoCAD are you using?

If you can not post it here, please email it to

Mary Ann Fugier