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I wonder if somebody can give me an idea how to export selected model properly. I was working on a tooling and I was importing few *.iges files with bunch of components with them. When I exported(export selected) the model I created based on imported files somehow the hidden components from the *.iges files got attached to the model creating a huge file(44MB). I tried to open it on different CAD to do modification in parametric world but wouldn’t open. I checked the exported file back in Rhino and managed to clean up the hidden bits and pieces with Block Manager command and after the clean up it worked. I would like to know how to avoid in the future to have unwanted components in the file I selected to export. Thanks!

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Tamas - if your exported objects include block instances, then the entire block definition will be exported, even parts that are hidden or on hidden layers. Does that make any sense with what you are seeing?



Hi Pascal!

Thanks for the reply. I’m aware of it now that the block definition got exported with the model, however, I have no experience with block instances, only layers. So the question would be how can I export selected without anything else attached to it? When I exported the model I wanted, that was the only item highlighted, so I have no idea how the other stuff went with it and how to avoid it in the future. Thanks!


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Tamas- use ExplodeBlock, then select the objects to export- you may want to Undo the ExplodeBlock afterwards as well to return to the pre-export state.



Thanks, I’ll try!