Exporting from Rhino to EDF files (ETemplate) for kitchen program import

This might be a long shot, but as well as Rhino I run a kitchen cabinet specific program Cabmaster that allows the import of ETemplate files. The theory is you can measure up a kitchen space using Leica digital measuring gear and create an ETemplate file which is .edf

I thought it was a variant of .dxf so just tried renaming, but no success.

I’d prefer to build complex wall configurations in Rhino and import them as walls.

Anyone had any success with this?



Hello - what do you see if you open the file in a text editor? Does it look like a text format file?


Thanks for the replay Pascal, and sorry for the delay. It took a few days to get a same file sent through.

It is text format and very little to it by the looks of this (attached)