Exporting files for use in Arc GIS Pro


I’ve been struggling for some time to export various elements from my Rhino Models to be imported into Arc GIS pro.
I get data from many different sources and often have no idea what program generated the files but they usually come as dxf files and I use Rhino 7 to assemble everything together, add fairly simple elements to the model and then look to export those elements in order to add them to a Arc GIS 3D scene. Most of my original data imports into Arc as expected but the files I create in Rhino often come in georeferenced differently or the file shows but is empty. In the past I have had success importing into Google earth using earth anchor and then exporting to kmz but this doesn’t seem to work in Arc. It seems like rhino Understands the georeferencing of my original data when I import it but when I export to the same type of file it loses it’s referencing.
If anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them.

Hi @nofussrussell ,
Are you able to import into ArcGIS, but the data just comes in at the wrong place? I don’t use ArcGIS, but in QGIS, you can set the coordinate reference system (CRS) of an imported layer in it’s properties after you import. I’m guessing your exports from Rhino have no CRS set.

To help with more detail, please post some example files that illustrate your issue.