Sketchup to Rhino to ArcGIS

I’m currently working on a project in Argentina where I need to extract the GIS data to get contour lines of our site. I’ve been using sketchup to pull the GIS data, exporting it to rhino as a DWG and then using the contour command to get the contours i need. The problem is that when I try to export the file into ArcGIS it puts the model in the Indian Ocean. I’ve tried using EarthAnchorPoint, I’ve tried plugins for both Sketchup and Rhino trying to get the model to retain its global positioning but nothing is working. I’ve tried putting it in Google Earth also and it also puts my model in the Indian Ocean. Even with the correct Lon/Lat coordinates I get the model on the other side of the earth. Tried UTM as well, even worse. Any suggestions please help me I’ve been doing this for a month

What file format exported from Rhino are you using? I looked for supported formats on the ArcGIS site but can’t find the listing. They do have a number of pages on how their map coordinate systems work though if you haven’t read them. There was also a community page which may yield some help if you’re still dealing with this. I haven’t used this program myself and this was the first I’d heard of it. One hunch based on your description and a brief read of their documentation is that you may need to explicitly set the coordinate system within their app… it looks like there are a few options.