Rhino export to arc gis pro

Good evening,
Can anyone tell me how to export the file in such a way that I can able to see the mesh I created through Rhino in Arc GIS Pro. I have tried using .obj format, .dae format, .wrl format, and changing the y-axis but no use. The file got imported but unable to view it. Please share your thoughts and methods.
Thank you in advance

Hi -

Have you asked the people that make Arc GIS Pro what it takes to import a 3D model?
Alternatively, do you have a file in any format that you are able to correctly import into that program?

I would try DWG if possible. I see some documentation they may read that.

Also, would a plug-in like this help: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/ghshp

When importing, I would first try in a blank pro model to make sure there is not a large coordinate system issue getting in the way of finding the imported geometry.

Hey Wim,

Yes, I have asked their solution engineer about this problem he told me certain steps that I followed, but that also didn’t help. I shared him with my Rhino file as asked by him in 2 formats i.e. .dae and .obj format but don’t why he wasn’t able to open the file even in rhino.

For your second question yes I was able to import the file but wasn’t able to view the file. File format was in wavefront object(.obj) that arc Gis pro supports.

Hey Scott,
But Arc GIS Pro doesn’t support DWG files it only supports .obj,.dae and vrml files. Moreover they want y-axis in upper direction that can only be done in .obj.