Exporting dxf files

I have noticed more and more recently that when exporting simple dxf files for laser cutting etc that the laser cutters are having problems reading or opening the files.
These are people I have been dealing with and sending files to for years with no issues at all.Neither of us is doing any different.It seems that more and more curves are appearing corrupted or square corners being cut.
Is this happening to any one else…Any ideas as to why.

Hi -

Can you post and example 3dm file and DXF settings that you use?

Here is the simple 3dm and the dxf that i exported using default settings as I have alway done.

glass shelf.3dm (157 KB)

glass shelf.dxf (378 KB)

I can’t see any real difference between the .3dm and the .dxf geometry, except for the actual dimension objects (which never seem to translate exactly, but you don’t need those for laser cutting)

If I re-import the dxf into the 3dm, SelDup seems to miss getting the part outline, but if I explode that, all segments are selected as exact duplicates.

Strange…When the laser cutter opens the same dxf file the back corners which are drawn as 90’ open as being chamfered with a 45’.How can that happen?

Those arcs are exported as “NURBS Arcs”, maybe your laser cutter’s software doesn’t understand those. If you run SimplifyCrv on the objects before exporting as .dxf, does that help?

You say you are using the “Default” export settings. I’m not sure that’s the best for you.

What I don’t understand is i literally must have sent him hundreds of files over the last year or so all in exactly the same way.All fine until a month or two ago when we start getting problems but neither of us has changed anything!